About Me

Atlanta, Georgia

Hi, I’m Kevin.

I am an engineer turned designer and now currently pursuing my Master's degree at Georgia Tech's HCI program where I’m learning to create better relationships between people and emerging technologies.

Previously, I was a product designer in fashion-tech, and before that I was a teacher in Taiwan teaching English, Math, and Computer Science.

I believe design comes through in many mediums and it is this diversity that made me transition into a designer. Whether that’s coming up with effective solutions to complex problems, designing a lesson plan for multi-cultural students, or putting pixels on a screen, my passion is to deliver experiences that are effective, relevant, and most importantly, one that people can truly enjoy.

To me, design is a snapshot solution of a continuous puzzle with shifting constraints, and I enjoy piecing together these snapshots. Fortunately, I have a mild case of FOMO that pushes me to try new things, gain new perspectives, and always continue to learn new ways to manipulate this puzzle.

When I’m not designing, I’ll usually be talking about philosophy, the Three Body Problem series, bathroom design, and possible futures of educationi.

Outside of designing and talking, I like to play tennis, read, cycle, travel, and try new restaurants with exceptional ratings on Google Maps especially, sushi.


If you made it this far, I really appreciate it!

Feel free to get in touch by checking out my Linkedin and resume,


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